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Cumberland County, NJ Diesel Truck Repair Services

Bud’s Diesel Truck Repair Services proudly serves the Diesel Engine Repair needs of all customers in Cumberland County, NJ & the Tri-State area.

Offering 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance, we are fully certified for Deutz and Perkins warranty repairs.

We are conveniently located on Hurffville Road in Sewell, NJ off of Exit 56A NJ Route 55


Cumberland County, NJ Diesel Truck Repair Services - Bud's Engine Machining & Truck Center

Specialty Auto & Truck Repair Services


Heavy Duty Tire & Wheel Balancing


Engine Block Reconditioning


Cylinder Head Reconditioning


Diesel Air Management Systems


Heavy Duty Truck Parts


Diesel Engine Components

Bud's Engine Machining & Truck Center Services

Our Auto & Truck Repair Services


NJ State Diesel Emissions Inspection

We are a licensed Diesel Private Inspection Facility. Providing both on-site and in-house inspections throughout the State of New Jersey. Our certified inspectors will provide the convenience of completing their physical component inspection and measure the legal limits of your diesel particulate matter without interfering in your daily operation when you schedule for on-site testing. We also provide a welcoming environment for drivers that need to schedule and wait with the vehicle while inspection is being performed at our location in Sewell, New Jersey.


Engine Machine Shop Services

On both Gas/Diesel we handle Cleaning & Degreasing, Cylinder Boring, Honing, Sleeving, Pressure Testing, Deck Resurfacing, Valve Guide Replacement.


Computerized Heavy Duty Alignment

At Bud’s Auto & Truck Repair Services, we excel in delivering advanced Computerized Heavy Duty Alignment services, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise alignment for heavy-duty & diesel vehicles. With expert technicians and precise calibration, we optimize vehicle performance, extend tire lifespan, and enhance overall safety on the road.


Custom Welding & Fabrication

We specialize in providing precision welding & fabrication solutions tailored to the unique needs of the diesel & heavy duty repair industry. With a skilled team and cutting-edge techniques, they adeptly create custom components and repair structural elements, ensuring optimal performance and durability of diesel & heavy duty machinery.


Emergency Apparatus Repairs

Bud’s is your reliable partner for Emergency Apparatus Repairs, dedicated to swiftly and skillfully addressing unforeseen issues in firefighting and rescue equipment. Our specialized team ensures rapid diagnostics and efficient repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring emergency vehicles are always ready to respond when needed most.


Engine & Transmission Maintenance

Bud’s Auto & Truck Repair Services stands as a premier authority in comprehensive Engine & Transmission Maintenance services, catering specifically to diesel and heavy-duty trucks and equipment. With a wealth of technical expertise, we meticulously inspect, service, and optimize engines and transmissions, ensuring peak performance, longevity, and reliability for the toughest of tasks.


Full Chassis Service

Our Full Chassis Service for heavy-duty trucks encompasses a comprehensive range of expert solutions aimed at optimizing every facet of your vehicle’s foundation. From meticulous inspections of suspension components, steering systems, and brakes to precise alignments and thorough maintenance, we ensure your truck’s chassis operates at its peak, promoting stability, safety, and reliability even under the most demanding


Hydraulic Troubleshooting & Repair

Bud’s excels in Hydraulic Troubleshooting & Repair, providing specialized expertise in diagnosing and resolving issues within heavy-duty and diesel equipment hydraulic systems.


Mobile Air Conditioning Service

Bud’s offers Mobile Air Conditioning Service, bringing expert cooling system diagnostics and repairs directly to your location for convenient and efficient solutions.


Mobile Pump Service Testing

Bud’s Auto & Truck Repair Services is a recognized leader in Mobile Pump Service Testing. Ensuring peak performance and reliability of critical firefighting equipment. Our specialized team conducts rigorous testing and maintenance on-site, guaranteeing your fire pumps meet the highest standards for optimal readiness and effectiveness.

Our Services - Bud's Engine Machining & Truck Center in Sewell NJ

Napa Truck Care Center

Our NAPA Truck Care Center is open weekdays 7am – 6pm Monday- Friday for heavy-duty and medium-duty truck repairs. Closed on Saturday & Sunday.  24/7 Emergency Road Service.

NAPA Truck Care Center owners know that, as an owner or driver of a commercial “on-highway” vehicle, you have the right to choose where you decide to take your vehicles for service.

Therefore, our NAPA Truck Care Center provides services you can trust and will work with your schedule to ensure that all maintenance is performed efficiently to get you back on the road safely.

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