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Computerized Heavy Duty Alignment

Heavy Duty Truck Aligment ServciesIf your tires are showing uneven wear and your truck is pulling to the left or right, you may need a wheel alignment.

Bud's utilizes state-of-the-art computerized alignment system which is more accurate than manual or infrared sensors.

Routine wheel alignment understandably is the most effective way to control tire costs and can impact fuel costs as well.

Problems that arise from not aligning on a regular basis, or created by misalignment can include, excessive tire wear, increased fuel consumption (caused by increased rolling resistance), unsafe vehicle handling, premature suspension component wear.

  • Computerized All-Wheel Alignment
  • On-Vehicle Tire Balancing
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motor-homes
  • Light trucks and vans
  • And More!

Our computerized wheel alignment system adjust the angels of your wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. A good wheel adjustment will maximize tire life and make your trip safer by having your truck track true and straight.

With our 24/7 Roadside Service, most often we can get you back on the road without the extra pit-stop to the shop!

When we maintain your Heavy Duty truck, you know that you have Diesel Engine Professionals on the job!

Bud's Auto and Truck Repair Service is your team of professionals that you can count on to keep your vehicles running!




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  • Computerized Heavy Duty Alignment
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